Come What May Comments

  • Love it

    This will be my first dance song :)

    Robyn 2012-01-27

  • Love!

    I absolutely love this song! it's so romantic!

    Mary Alice 2009-05-03

  • most romantic wedding song on the planet

    We had this song as our first dance, it was an outer body experience, romantic and unforgettable! Memories are made of this!

    carola 2007-02-07

  • I knew this was the song the moment I first heard it.

    I have always loved this song. I'm glad other people like it the way I do.

    mhackies 2007-01-08

  • so beautiful

    this was my first dance and it was the most romantic thing i have ever experienced

    mrs wife 2006-12-14

  • I love this song.

    This si a wonderful song from one of the best love stories ever. I will definitely play it at my wedding!!

    Megan 2006-03-17

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