Heaven (slow version) Comments

  • the little girl

    Could anybody help,who is the little girl who sings abt his dad on this song ? Bbm me(267b7280)

    Kamohelo 2012-06-08

  • the little girl

    Could anybody help,who is the little girl who sings abt his dad on this song ?

    Kamohelo 2012-06-08

  • Ilove it

    Dedicating it to my late dad

    Jef 2012-02-27

  • singer?

    can anyone tell me the ORIGINAL singer

    Akuma KoNeko 2011-08-04

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  • loveit

    i lve this song it makes me cry!! :(

    vannesa 2010-09-15

  • track

    Does anyone know how I can get a track or the backing music for this song? I need to sing it at a wedding.

    Tamara 2010-06-10

  • Bryan Adams version

    I love Bryan Adam's rendition of this song. It's more beautiful and carries more meaning for me. I seriously hate the version where they added rap :S

    Maryann 2010-03-20

  • hey

    this song was played at my grandpas funeral last year its very hard to listen to it when i hear it i have to either leave the room or turn it off

    kourtney boyle 2010-01-18

  • Sooo Romantic!

    I don't know when it was released, but the original version is from Bryan Adams. What lady are you talking about? And it is already quite slow...
    Isn't it sooo beautiful? Really, it's the perfect wedding song! I love it! Fantastic melody and I adore these lyrics!
    Jessica, great choice for your wedding, such momemts make me tear up too...

    faith 2009-10-28

  • remember about him

    I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH.everytime i heard i'll always think about him.this song is so amazing.

    darina 2009-08-07

  • ♥

    This song is a really good song. I love the lyrics.♥

    Shawty 2009-06-18


    I love this song so much.it makes me cry and think about my boyfriend.me and my boyfriend is young and it says thinkin about our younger years and it makes me cry.

    SUMMER 2009-03-30

  • love it

    I love this song so much..i can really relate to it,and me and my boyfriend is young.it says thinkin about our younger years and i want to remember everything me and him do.

    cutiepie 2009-03-30

  • I could help...

    Hey I could help the name of the person who sang it is cascada or dj sammy I don't know when it was released though.

    Sydney 2009-03-22

  • Girius

    This songs always tears at my heart, always makes me thoughtfull, reminds me of all our loved ones on earth and in heaven, good times and bad. My husband always tries to cheer me up in the car on our drives and has never quite figured out how, as he keeps playing it, but I understand that it touches him too.

    Nounou 2009-02-11

  • Song Details

    I am also trying to figure out who sings this song. Anyone?

    Vanessa 2008-10-29

  • I love this song

    I'm gonna sing this song at my sister's wedding!! September 13 2008...
    I hope I could sing like her... he he
    so good.. I love this song!!

    Janis 2008-08-08

  • omgsh

    who sings this song?

    your name 2008-07-21

  • love this

    i flippin love this song i listen to it everyday and sing it all the time. the heaven 911 remix is just so sad but so cute and i love how there is a fast a slow and a remix to this song! =]

    hayley 2008-07-16

  • Song Details

    The singer of this song is DJ Sammy.
    I'm not sure when it's released.
    But it seemed like either last year or even later than last year. :]

    Celia 2008-06-05

  • Hiya

    Im gonna sing this 4 ma talent show 2008 cas my mates fink im rlly gud lol x

    anna 2008-05-24

  • yeh...

    yeh dis sng rilli iz cute....wen i lisnd 2 it 1 dei, made me cry cuz i wuz rilli missin sum1 hu luvz me vry much......itz vry movin n all, i rilli luv it....

    kay 2008-05-05

  • omg

    this song makes me cry

    zoe 2008-03-29

  • concert

    i think im going to sing this for my concert for 2008. i love this song...i like the slow remix better than the original one.and...jessica? your going too far. haha seems like your going out with her or something...well ya

    i love you 2007-09-06

  • loveit

    omg i can sing this song so good like her its so amazing. she is my insperation. i freakin love this song. its gonna be my wedding song.
    L LLLLL LLL OOO OOO OOO OOOOO O OOVVV V VVVVV VVVV V VVVEEE EEEEEE EE IIII II IIII IIII III IIIIIIII III TTT TT TTTthink this a great song i really love it and i think its sad and i hope ou have heard that song heaven 911remix thats even sader and this song sonds really good with this song. You guys gave me a great idia my sister is geting married next year so im goin to ask the dj to play this song and deticat t them and u thank you sincerly, vanessa
    great song
    Name: Jen 2005-07-19
    I walked down the isle to this song. it was truly beautiful. one of my really good friends offered to sing it for me and i accepted. She sang while I walked with my father. it took so much will power for me not to cry, but of course i ended up tearing. I could hardly say I do...it was beautiful

    jessica 2007-08-14

  • song details

    Hi , I need the name of the lady singer of this song and when it was released.
    Can anyone help

    kris 2007-07-10

  • Beautiful Song

    This is such a beautiful song.....I'm just waiting for the day i will walk down the aisle to it......I'm sure i will be in heaven! So perfect for that fairytale wedding......

    Dee 2007-06-13

  • Heaven

    Im doing this song for my talent show.
    Its so pretty!

    Taylor 2007-04-26

  • ..........

    this song makes me cry.
    even after the 9/11 remix.
    because i think about how all the little boys and girls lost their father or mother and when im older i hope i will be able to walk down the aisle with this song

    danielle 2007-02-21

  • Amazing song.

    I've never been so in love with a song in my life. This will be my wedding song and i'll cherish the song for years to come. Thanks, sincerely Kelsie

    Kelsie 2007-01-06

  • cool

    This song is the best

    top rock 2007-01-05

  • I Found It

    I found the greatest wedding song of all time thanks to you guys. I love it - I sat here and cried just thinking how beautiful it will be to walk down the aisle to this song - and my best friend is going to sing it. She's a phenomonal singer and I just can't wait. Thanks again :)

    Miranda 2006-12-17

  • The artist

    Who sings the slow version of this song

    Mindi 2006-12-06

  • omg this is the best song ever

    hay who ever made this song well done because this song maks me kry every time i here it well done its the best song ever i lov it its just lyk me and my lif sept my dad didnt die i just have never meet him!!

    i lov this song so.... much well done luv ya xoxoxox

    maddie 2006-11-21

  • omfg

    i think this song is so beautiful and i cry every time i here it because i dnt no my dad ether and to me its like hes dead so every time i here this song i just start to cry me eyes out its the best song ever and the sadest 1 exspeshaly the film clip of it!!! i love this song heeps

    maddie 2006-11-21

  • koolness

    OMg i lOvE tHat sOngG !

    Its so wAK


    loraa 2006-11-06

  • it makez me cry

    omg i love this song beacause it iz the best and it iz on mi myspace and the little gurl fron septemba 11 iz on it cuz her dad died and i love her she iz mad cute so ya iz a greaat song thankx 4 lettin me listen and get lyricz 4 it 1 luv ~~VaNeSsA~~

    VaNeSsA 2006-10-14

  • 911 heaven

    911 really sad sony when i heard it i cried n cried wish it neva happened bless the lil girl love her 2 bits i wis i cud jst cuddle her. bless her dad he was a fireman n he was init trying to save other ppl but neva managed to save himself

    jolene 2006-10-09



    KRISTINE 2006-10-05

  • Good site

    aloha! all very nice. a like it. peace bro!

    Wasia 2006-09-30

  • great

    do you know who sings this song?

    katie 2006-09-10

  • yes yes

    yes yes dis is a tune stil braaaaaaaap lol im jst gonna rite loads of shit on dis shit site lmao gives me jks hmmmmmmm wa can i rite lol let me see let me fink shud i say lol oooooo i crak my self up lol got pissed 2day was class but hate it wen gyals cry kmt wtf 4 lol i dno wa 2 do either still had a gd shag in dem bushes lol shud ov played dis while i was shuvin my big black 9 inch cok up her lol dnt get wet ladies im only sayin lol jkzzzzzzz dis is da best comment dis song as got lol and i hope sum 1 replys wid more jk like ur sad lifes lol ooooo i walked down da ile 2 dis song i had 2 stop my self from cryin cus barley say i do lol wats dat about lmao joka gyal bet u aint even married u sad freak lol jus tryin 2 mek ya self luk gd but oh well carry on lol ill make up a story yh......... well i ahd dis played at my wedding wen my beutiful bride jessica alab walked down da ile and dis song cum on and i burst out laffin and kiked da piano player in da teef lol den sed jessica lets jst stik 2 sex yh but u can keep da ring i stole it ne ways lmao omg 2 much jkz and remember da name init lol cameron aka malicious kid reppin birmz 2 da max braaaaaaap braaaaaaaap lol ill hav at my wedding - and i no thet she noes im unfaithful and it kills her inside lol den ill jst laff cus i laff at ne fing ne ways lol like if lifes a joke a=i dnt get it
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    malicious kid 2006-08-24

  • so sad

    this video is awsome i jut feel sorry for the little girl in it

    max 2006-08-20

  • sad felly sorry for the girl

    the girl that speeks over the song i was criying and am in yr 8 i feel sorry for everyone who lost there family god bless

    chloe 2006-07-30

  • dj sammy

    my friends dog died a few months ago and this song makes
    me cry

    cheyenne 2006-07-30

  • My favourite

    I absolutly love this song, and even though im in my teens i really want this to be my song when i get married in the future. This song is so sad and makes u want to cry but it means so much to me its one of the best wedding songs ever . it is just so beautiful

    Alexandra 2006-07-28

  • hello

    i love this song so much ever time i lisnin to this song i cry becasue this song is very sadd i love it somuch and who ever is out ther don't let noe one bring u down

    shawna 2006-07-25

  • So sad

    OMG!!! this song made me cry for hours. i love this song so much even though i cry the whole time.

    meghan 2006-07-20

  • fab


    tayla 2006-07-18

  • Sad

    this song is so sad but full of spirt that poor little girl i cried and cried it is so sad but she was not the only girl bless her! x

    Gabby 2006-07-15

  • boo hoo

    the first time i heard that song i cried and cried and cried because one of my best m8s dad died too but not in the 911 attack now i dont play it when shes around i reall love the song and gives out a very sad message but its beautiful and lovely to hearxxxxxxxxx

    haz 2006-07-14

  • this song really touches people

    hiya ave been listenin to this song since it came out now i really love it and cry everytime i listen 2 it.
    a feel really sorry 4 all those who lost sum 1 in the
    911 my heart goes out 2 u all.a few ov ma m78s have lost there dads nd a just tell em 2 listen 2 this song 2 remind them of him sum of them had it played at there dads funeral. am really pleased my dads still ere.

    god bless u all
    love u's

    kayleigh 2006-07-07


    this song makes me really cry . and i love the person that i dedicated this song to.

    thanks =..[ NiC0LE

    NICOLETTE 2006-07-05

  • My heart is dedicated to everyone who has lost a parent mother or father

    Whoever poophead is, is a major loser! literally the little girl is young ok? she has no idea what is going on... and everytime i hear this song it makes me want to cry because it reminds me of my brother who has gone to jail becuase of possesion of mariwana and i never get to see him:( and my dad just died about 1 month ago:'( i cry evrynight!!!
    love jenna

    Jenna 2006-07-03

  • Xx Sorry xX

    this song is great and i couldnt imagine my mum or dad or any of my family being in the 911 and if they was i think i wouldnt live especially if i was old enough to understand that they have died.im a real mummies girl and if my mum died i would cry and cry and proberly kill my self because i dont kno if there is a god out there that takes you to heaven but if there is i would kill myself to be with my mum in heaven!chanel xx
    sorry to all those who's family or friends died in the 911

    chanel 2006-06-30

  • sad

    i love this song , it makes me start to cry when i hear it as it reminds me off my best friend who died :*(

    laura 2006-06-28

  • The song is BEAUTIFUL

    i loved the song, it makes me cry everytime i hear it! and espacially heaven 911 remix...
    itss soo sad..
    but its wonderful for slow, wedding songs

    Kraziie 2006-06-26

  • why

    when i heard that song it made me think how could someone drive a plane into a building they must have new people where in it so why??i know i would neaver ever even think about doing that beacause hearing that song made it real how and when someone dies it effects the whole family and friends and everyone it brings tears to many eyes even mine but still i am thinking WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amy ford 2006-06-25

  • i actually cried

    i never cry when i watch a movie or listen to a song.
    that was the first time because its wat happened to me.

    Toriana 2006-06-23

  • its soo sad

    i cryed the first time it was sooooooooooooo sad

    beth k 2006-06-14

  • 911 Remix

    I cried at the 911 remix and I was thinking...
    Samabin Laden and Sadam Hussain should listen to that song, and see the real trouble they have caused!!!
    They should see how 911 affected sooo many peoples lives!!!
    Does anyone agree ???

    Rachael 2006-06-08

  • aaw

    this song reminds me of my boyfriend..
    its a really sweet romantic song..
    i just love it

    shelly 2006-05-25

  • Heaven 911

    Im crying right now! this song is soo sadd and im at school me and my girls r ballingg.. it brings back tradgeties.. rip himay armando and jane (l) i love u guys!!

    Sarah 2006-05-11

  • my heart gos out to that littel girl

    i had a father that past away so i no what it is like

    Bernie 2006-05-09

  • sssooo sssaaaddd the song is

    im on my couzin shanelles side i lost my grandad and i wish i could bring him bk 2 life
    and i feel so so so so so sorry for you little girl ok i know how you feel i feel the same way i think the song iz so so so so so so so so so so sad and i think for all those cold hearted people out there i think u should show sum respect and dow would you feel if you lost sum 1 realy realy realy close 2 you. you wouldnt like it if you had people sayin shit behind your bk would you so i think you better think about you you people have sed ok

    i feel so so so so sorry that the little girl has to life her life without her daddy it will be a gap in her life and people takin the pizz out off her because she hasnt got a daddy to help her through out her problems

    but i luv ya darlin girl and i feel so so so so so so so so so so sorry for you luv ya tash xxxxxxxxxxxx

    tash 2006-05-09

  • can any 1 help me

    hi can any1 help me find dis song the real one were the little girl says it for real not the animated one its for my mum and im only 16 and dis song realy makes me cry so i hope u can help me plz

    thanks luv katie

    kitkat 2006-05-06

  • The o.g

    The original is Bryan Adams the others remade it and I am also looking for a site that plays the 9-1 remix to show my mom because my b.f's dad my uncle and 3 cousins all died in 9-11 and the site I found before is now closed down if anyone finds the site please post it up thanks

    C-Bear 2006-05-05

  • So So Sad

    When I Heard This In The Fast Version, I Loved It, But When The Slow Version Came Out, I Really Thought What The Words Meant. Great Song. All My Love To The Victims In 9/11.

    Abz -x-

    Abbie 2006-05-01

  • Saddest Song Ever

    This song is most probably the saddest song ever!! Even though I haven't lost my dad I was very close to losing him and this song reminds me of the pain I felt at that time and makes me feel lucky that I didn't go through the torture of losing him!
    The girl in this song is so brave and I hope she grows up to be a strong person from this!
    This song is such a sad but good song. It made me realise what some people go through everyday! I hope peace comes to everyone that has to go through this. And my thoughts are with you all!!
    xXx xXx

    Rosie 2006-04-30

  • sad song

    it is such a sad song i cant beleive it could happen bye x

    carla 2006-04-29

  • cry evrey time

    i was well sad i cry evrey time wat happens if that happend to my dad,
    it specialy makes me cry right at the end,
    i cant belive it true !!!
    i hope her dream of sein her dad again comes true


    becca 2006-04-29

  • i am really sorry for your loose

    i like the song very much i am lucky to be alive i hate my dad and i never see him ever but deep down i love him and miss him very much but my heart wont let me show it and if the little girl that lost her dad i woul dof changed it to my dad because u were only little hope u cope well the song makes me cry

    zoe lloyd 2006-04-28

  • 911 Heaven

    This song makes me realise how lucky i actually am. It makes me cry everytime i hear it. I dont really see my Dad, and i say i hate him, but i love him. This song just makes me realise how much i would hate my Dad to be gone. This girl is so brave and i praise her for that. God bless.

    katz 2006-04-26

  • sooo sad

    This is a really good song it really shows just how much we care(the 911 remix) the 1st time i heard it i cried and i was in front of all mu friends!!!!! they understood.
    When i hear this song it makes me relise just how lucky i was to survive,how some of my family sirvived,i unfortunetly lost my dad that day,but by this song i makes me really relise that my dad died for what he thourght was right and to save our great contry!!!!.I LOVGE THIS SONG!!!!!

    molly 2006-04-26

  • sad

    i really loved the song...everytime i hear it i cry:(

    .... 2006-04-25

  • heaven 911 sad remix

    ooooooooooooooow it so so so sad we both luv da song but feel so soz 4 her bless her :(:(:(:(
    (nicola) i fink da bit where she nearly crys is really sad n the first couple of times i listened 2 it i cryed it really makez me sad and even now i wanna cry :(:( (jade) i feel so sorri 4 da lil gal cause i would h8 it if ma dad died , ma her daddy r.i.p xox (nicola) r.i.p her daddy it so so so sad :(:( n makez me fink how lucky i am 2 have my dad alive xxxxxxxxxxxx niks n jd xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    nicola n jade 2006-04-24

  • Song lyrics

    I love that song..It's so beautiful..! I cry almost everytime i hear it..! But, i can't find the song lyrics to it..! I want lyrics so i can see what the litle kid is saying..help somebody?! I can just find lyrics without the litle kids words in it:( Thank you, if u can help me;)

    Ida 2006-04-23

  • heaven 911

    i lvoe that song when i heared it a cryed. i really helps people who had someone die in that crash. any way thanxz. u help me a lot with that song. it made me see that everyone goes through the same things.

    emily 2006-04-22

  • tht is such a shame

    heyah i just heard tht song i was cryin n tht its wew dad lol x ? bless every1

    lauren mcaulay 2006-04-22

  • 911 remix of heaven

    I heard that song for the first time yesterday and I burst into tears as soon as I heard the little girls voice. I cannot listen to it without crying. I live in Scotland and know nobody who was involved in the twin tower attacks. I am so thankful that I didn't lose anybody on that dreadful day. How can people be so evil?It really makes you realise what an awful world we live in. From last night, I made a promise to myself to pray for those who lost someone due to the horrific actions of the terrorists that, day every day. This song should be played to everyone to make them realise just how horrendous the events of 9/11 were. I really cannot stress how much this song touched me. I am 13 years old and could never imagine living without my parents. Even the thought of one of them not being there scares me so much I almost cry. The part in that song which upsets me the most is:
    "I try not to cry but mommy says it's ok i know you don't like it when I cry you never wanted me to be sad. I try daddy but it hurts.Is it true you're not coming home. Maybe some day I can visit you in heaven ok? It's time for me to go to bed now I sleep with the light on just in case you come home and kiss me goodnight" how can anybody listen to that without crying? I am crying as I right this. This song has touched me and I'm sure it has and will touch thousands of other people. My prayers are with those who lost someone....may God be with you.

    Megan 2006-04-18

  • 911 twin towers

    i think its horrible i cant listen to it without crying my eyes out i am listening to it now and im crying
    listen to it you will cry your eyes out

    sophie 2006-04-11

  • sad song 911 heaven

    the song is realy realy sad wen i first heard it i started to cry listen to it carefully and think how lucky u are with tour family at home????

    sophiexx 2006-04-08

  • help

    i need 2 fid wer u get this song nd hu it is by coz i cant find it nd it is pissin me off
    tell me wer 2 find it plz ma msn addy is anna_kane@hotmail.co.uk

    anna nd sam 2006-04-06

  • Sad

    this is the sadest song i have ever heard i feel so bad for the little girl who lost her father this song is so good i just have to send it to all my friends! does anyone no how old the girl was??

    Shelby 2006-04-06

  • Omgsh

    i love this song! i was just being bored and i was on the internet and my friend Shelby sent it to me and now i cant stop listening to it!!! and if there is a cd that has this song on it what is the cd called i want it!!!

    Rebecca 2006-04-06

  • evri1 cries

    some1 found it at school and evry1 was crying it was so sad...but millions of children are in tht situation and we r so lucky it was not us,cuz it so easily could have been,the sucide bombers wanted us 2 cry and mourn over the deaths , emly xx

    emily eoodhams 2006-04-05

  • Heaven 911 Remix

    heyyy everyone!!! wow i love this song sooo much and i was and am still bawling from it, it is sooooo good and sooooo emotional and everything...PLEASE EMAIL me with a place that i can download the song and or the music video so yea i just really want someone to email me and everthing...
    MY E-MAIL IS... iluvjesse08@hotmail.com
    ThAnKs EvErYoNe
    xoxo charlotte
    oh oh oh and Jesse McCartney i am your biggest fan and when i saw your comment i was SPAZING and crying (adding to it from the song lol) but yea just wanted to say that lol

    Charlotte 2006-03-31

  • thankyou

    for emailing me the link for the video of the 9/11
    i appreciate your help/richard from trialspy@hotmail.com for any one who wants a chat take care and thankyou agin

    carl 2006-03-31

  • Da bets

    i think dis song is sooo good i listen to it ova n ova agen on my fone it's so sad do i luv it da first time i heard it i cried cuz i think it's horrible to think dat a little girl has lost her dad an d now she has wrote a song bowt it it is da best an i just can't get enough of it keep it cummin luv from Lauren, Kerry 'n' Sarah at cockshut hill school in birmingham

    Lauren 2006-03-29

  • A-mazing

    This has to be THE most amazing song i have EVER heard! the lyrics are just so sad and i just burst into tears when i heard it! It really makes you appriciate those who you love and who love you. R.I.P all victims of the 9/11 this song is just one of the wonderful ways in which you all are remembered.
    x x x x x x x x

    ELLIE 2006-03-27

  • wheres da vid

    dis song realy made me fink bowt if i lost my frenz and family. id b devastated i luv all of dem so much duz enyone no da link to watch da vid? i saw it once and i car find it agen. thnx sam hanley xxxxx

    mampy 2006-03-26

  • heven911

    elo its a reali sad song but its wel gd how a lil girl can talk 2 er dad luv ya xxx

    xcatx n xbeccax 2006-03-24

  • i reali dnt know what to say. its just so sad

    This song is just soooooo sadddd..1 of my closest friends sent me the link n it was the first time i listened to this..i just burst out crying n i just couldnt stop ;(
    the little girl's voice is perfect for this song. even now when i listen to it, i jus end up crying. its just really really sad. it reminds me of when my grandad died. he faught in the war. n i miss him so much. it also reminds me of my crush, i dnt know y, but it's just one of those things.
    im crying now just thinkin about it.
    i love this song
    n i luv u grandad. im missin u loads n i hope ur ok. hope to c u soon. god'll keep care of you.;(
    god bless everyone.
    by the way. does anyone have the link to the video of this song? iv been searchin for it but i cant find it..i can only find the lyrics..but i already have them. if u have it plz can u reply to this msg with it. thank u n god bless u.
    loads of luv from Taz :(

    Tasnim 2006-03-22

  • omg it is so so so sad

    Heaven 911 remix is so sad especially the animated video awww i realy feel so sorry for that little girl bless her it is such a great song if only i could get hold of the animated video it is such a lovely video i need 2 c it agen! it makes us think about how lucky we are and that we need to cherish our loved ones and not take them for granted!
    x x x niki x x x

    xxxnikixxx 2006-03-19

  • Sad

    Heaven 911 remix iz such a sad song it makes me cry each time i listen 2 it and it makes me think bout all the people dat lost sum1 special that day :(

    Rachel 2006-03-18

  • sad

    it nearly made me cry because i thought about it cuz she is so young and it must of been so upsetting i listened to it over and over again :(

    elouise 2006-03-18

  • boo hoo

    I cried my eyes out when I heard this song I feel sorry for that little girl :(

    jessica 2006-03-17

  • that song is soooo sad

    I cried my eyes out every time i hear this song. I feel soooo sorry for that little girl and every one else who lost someone in the 911 attack on the twin towers

    Jonathon 2006-03-16

  • about da song

    i love this song i think it's gr8 with the little girl speaking but every time i here it i cry. It's so sad i know but it is sad isn't it. If you like this song aswell like i know loads of people do but dun matter write on this page to plz caise this song is gr8.

    emz 2006-03-15

  • why

    when you listen to it just imagine being in her shoes or imagine it being your dad that died. when i did i couldnt stop crying and it was really moving. i have no idea how anyone could do such a thing as take the lives not only from the people who have died but millions more. something like that doesnt have to kill you to take your life. =(

    olivia 2006-03-14

  • anyone

    does anyone know where we can find this video !? .. i have the song .. but i wanna watch at the same time .. ya know .. but maans this is really sad =`(

    blah 2006-03-11

  • so heart breaking

    i think it is the sadest song on earth the little girl must be going through hell and she misses him so muck my whole heart is respecting her

    jenna 2006-03-06

  • Sad song...

    That's the saddest song I ever heard. I'm so sorry for the little girl... and she looks so cute, she has a pretty voice. Good luck in your life little girl. Peace and even if your dad died, your mom is there to love you. -XxX- GreaT SoNG!!!

    Chloe 2006-03-01

  • touched my heart

    this song has got to be one of the best ever..i hav american relatives who live near NY thank god they didnt get caught up in all that terror..i reach out and pass on sympathy to those who have family or friends involved in the 911 incident cos i no how bad it hurts to lose sum1 all of a sudden. XOXO to those who hav losses!!! mwaaaa wif luv from me

    krista 2006-02-28

  • this song is dedicated to haynesy

    i heard this song and thought straight away chris his dad passed away not that long ago and i thought that is was so sad to hear whats hes going through well i love u chris ....xoxo

    paige 2006-02-24

  • heaven 911 remix

    this song toched my heart with so much passion. i have listened to it many times and cried every time. i have not listen to it once and not cried. everytime that i am stressed out or angered i just listen to this song and calm down that very instant.

    nOeLaNi 2006-02-23

  • amazing

    I'm a 14 yaer old girl from Norway. My best frien gave me this song, and I can't stopp cry. It so sad, and I can't stopp thinking about that little girl... Amazing!!!!!! Truly amazing ;)

    Natalie 2006-02-23

  • ahhhhh

    i love ittt but it is so sad i nearly cried !!!!!

    becca 2006-02-21

  • great

    i love the song its gerrrreat

    michael hansford 2006-02-17

  • memorie

    I listen to this song every night when i go to sleep because i am a very lite sleeper and so i cry myself to sleep with it. I am thinking of all you hurt innocent people out there eho have lost someone special to you may America and England be with you xxxxxx

    Sammy 2006-02-16

  • great song

    i just love it

    becsta 2006-02-15

  • So sad

    hey i love this song so much! i am actualy doing it for a school project and i have a feeling that my class will cry also! so thank you so mcuh for making it! love hun bun

    Hun Bun 2006-02-14

  • Heaven

    Oh mi gosh this song is so sad i started crying and couldnt stop :( that song was dedicated to all those innocent people out there who were murdered and may they R.I.P. We think its sad but it actually happend to little kids and babys out there :(
    I love the dsong even though it makes me cry and it truly moved me.
    Jessie x

    Jessie 2006-02-10

  • help..

    want the video to dj sammy - heaven 911 remix! anyone know where to find it?

    capboy 2006-02-10

  • oh yea

    Luv in it so sad ;( wanna cry...lol did k bye
    xoxo vvvveveveveve

    VVVVEVEVEVEVE 2006-02-04

  • so good and so sad

    it's a realy good song i just love it, but it's realy sad to cause the little girl have lost her father ..

    Nanna 2006-02-02

  • so sad

    i once had the link to this toon video about the little girl who lost her father in the 9.11.i had it on my web site but unfortunatley i was given megga viruses and lost all my work there.does anyone know where i am able to get it again please?much appreciated or please email me the site or the site link.my email address is trialspy@hotmail.com
    thankyou for taking time in reading this post...byee xx

    carl 2006-01-25

  • sssssoooooo sad

    i was cryin loads i felt like my soul was wastin away n i felt like i lost sum1 dat day n i realised it was a slice out of my heart i

    ACS 2006-01-22

  • sad but brill

    this is truley the best song i have heard in my life we miss you DJ sammie

    jared 2006-01-20

  • sad song

    i love this song but it is really sad n it maeks me realise how lucky we are and how unlucky sum people are evfen i lost family in da 911

    ann marie 2006-01-19

  • how sad can it get

    we cried all the way through and even after the song had finished we were still in tears. we would talk to our dad if he died and especially if he died and we didn't know for sure! we feel sorry for the poor people who lost their own lives or their reletives but to think so much about her dad as to make such a beautiful song when she is only 4 or 5 is to nice for words!!!!
    we feel so sad 4 u!!!!

    anya and beth 2006-01-18

  • so sad

    this song is so sad coz every where i go in school it is always on it makes all my m8s cry it makes me cry 2. jess xxx

    jess 2006-01-16

  • so sad

    hey this was so sad i cried so much when i heard this i feel really bad for that little girl no one should ever lose there father and she shoouldnt have had to go through that!!!! <<<<33

    samantha 2006-01-15

  • sooo sad

    omg that iz the saddest film i av eva seen nd d song jus goes wel gd wiv it omg datz so sad if ny1 noes ny uva fins lyk dat plz ryt dwn d link cheers xxx

    nicole 2006-01-15


    this song is well sad and i fink i can say that on behalf of evry1 that has heard it.it really makes you think about your life and wot it wud be lke without ur parents.my girlfriend has never seen her dad and he wants nuffin to do with her and this song just made me fink about her.I LOVE YOU AMY.

    thepickman 2006-01-14

  • git

    the fukin bastard hu sed that its a stupid girl its an girl that lost her dad in 911 just like i lost friends to and im a uk person that girl is 5 years old and you u cow hav no heart

    nina 2006-01-14

  • the song

    i love the song but it makes me cry

    lauren 2006-01-14

  • i love it

    i love this song it makes me think of my boyfriend kyle who died in the 9/11 attack thanks im crying now


    Lauren 2006-01-14

  • upsetting

    everyone has lost someone but yes it makes you think ... im always mean to my dad and now ive heard this i really appreciate him and dont no what id do without him. this is the saddest song ive ever erd!!

    hana 2006-01-12

  • oh my god its so sad

    this song is so sad yes i cryed
    i have a 2 years old baby girl and he daddy
    dont have very much to do with her .. it makes you think

    Dawn 2006-01-07

  • it sooo sad

    i feel sorry for da lil lass hu had to go through this pain i can tell by her voice she is young and her heart will b broken already BLESS HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jake 2006-01-02

  • beauitiful

    my little daughter lost her real father in a car accident and it is awful how it happens and this song just madwe me think of it it is so so sos so sad.

    han 2006-01-02

  • fantastic

    my little neice heard this song and she cryed aswell. She lost her dad but in a car accident. its a beautiful song i love it

    great 2006-01-01

  • its great

    this song is so sad. I cried all the way through. I can't help but listen to it is so fantastic. The little girl sounds like my neice. I still cry noe,

    porcia 2006-01-01

  • Song Artist

    Bryan Adams has a version of this song but which female has sung it. Searched the entire www and still cant find it

    frustrated 2005-12-31

  • lv it xxxxxxxxx

    does any1 now where 2 download that song its gr8 i want it on ma mp3 it is so sadxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    grace 2005-12-27

  • love it so much

    this song is amazing...makes me cry over n over i love it so much! n u 'poophead' oviously are very cold hearted n i wud be very suprised if u even had a heart..how can u say that about a lil girl who lost her dad and has to grow up wiv out him...u wil undastand wen a family member of urs dies n i bet ud be very upset n h8 sum1 to say sumit like that to...stupid cow...its tru u no!!!!!

    bex 2005-12-27

  • screw this song

    We think this is the best song ever!!!!
    every time Jess hears it she cries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    syd and jess 2005-12-26

  • sad

    xXx i cried my eyes out wheen i heard this song it made me apreciate what family a do have as i lost my father when i was younger. it just makes you think that loved ones can never be forgotten no matter how lomg ago they passec away :):):):):):):):) xXx

    rachel 2005-12-25

  • sad

    i fink dis song is sad especily wen she sas i sleep with the lite on now in kas u come and kiss me good nite

    bob 2005-12-25

  • omg

    omg i lv did song so much i hv it on my mp3 player n i always listen 2 it all da time i lvvvvvvvvvvv it so much

    tasha 2005-12-24

  • Bless . . . .

    This song iz so sad it makes me cry wen i listen 2 it, i no what it feels like 2 have sum1 u luv die and i no how the girl must of been feeling x x x x I think if i had 2 give this song a rating i would give it a 10/10! x x x x

    x-x-Loz-x-x 2005-12-23

  • omg

    omg that song is so sad!! It made me cry so much.. especialy when she says "its hard for me not to cry daddy"!! :(:( its such a good song nd it makes me sad everytime i hear it... i was just wondering.. does n e one have a webiste that we can go to, so that we can see the video? I've seen it bfore but i dun know where :S thx :(

    anonymus 2005-12-21

  • 9-11

    i feel really sad wen i listen to this song it makes my cry all the time and i feel so bad for those who have lost family in the 9-11 attacks ...or in any way actually !!! so if you have lost family just remember to keep strong ,for your familys sake lv you all xxxxx

    jess 2005-12-20

  • sad as

    my dad died wen i was 3 nd im 12 now so basically this song jus reminds me of myself growing up and not having my dad there to watch me gorw up nd help me in lyf:'( its a beautiful song!
    i love you dad
    nd i liss you
    luv alanah

    alanah 2005-12-18

  • omg

    hey i heard this song on the 4 month anniversery of my dads death and i cried so hard,
    it made me remeber how much i miss him, we were really closexxx
    my heart goes out to everyone that has lost there dad or mum xxxxxx

    jess 2005-12-16

  • really sad

    this song reminds me of my dad even though he hasnt died i still dont get to see him i dont even know him.
    when i listen to dis song i realise how lucky i am and no matter how many times i listen i cry every time.i feel really bad for that little girl. i would really hate for dat to happen to me and i say a prayer for her and i think she is really brave to make a song bout wat happned to her dad such an awful thing. love ellen

    ellen 2005-12-14

  • thnx

    My buddies and I heard this for the first time recently. We all just sat there in silence for what seemed like an eternity. Not only is this the saddest song I've ever heard, but it also reminded us of what we're fighting for over here......some times it's easy to forget.
    So thankyou to who ever it was that helped put this song together. And also thankyou to that brave little girl and all the others that lost someone in 9-11. Keep livin life and we'll keep fightin for it.

    anonymous soldier 2005-12-12

  • i love this song

    whenever i hear it i burst out in tears it's the saddest song in da world. even my mum cried when she heard it.''

    samantha maher 2005-12-11

  • i what you to be happy

    dot be sad be strong i now how it fells to lose someone you love. if its a person or you faverate pet. you still get realy realy apset. i'v lost a dog that i'v had since i was 3 and ahalf, a kitten i found a rabbit that was road killed and 29 fish and a granddad and heaps of others

    good luck be happy be strong and lots of love melissa moody

    melissa moody 2005-12-11

  • sorry

    sorry ppl for who lost anyone in that 911. i heard that song and i cried forever, just thinking if that was my dad in that , i woud not know what to do. wel sorry for anybody who lost somebody.

    well see yas later, megan x0x0

    megan 2005-12-11

  • welll sad

    dis song is tha sasddest song eva i herd it at ma m8s ouse nd now i cnt fid it on tha enternet ive been lookin 4 ages!!! :(

    kath 2005-12-11

  • Brother Craig

    This song makes me cry. my brother left the house in Jaurany and i havent seen him since.I miss him alot.Tats y i listen to this song cause i remember him so much.I saw him on Grants 21st bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that makes me happy!!!!!!!!!!

    Lauren 2005-12-10

  • saddest song eva

    i love heaven so much it makes me cry. My bestie cailtin always cries when she hears this song and we did a talent talent quest to this song. Every1 started to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i loveven and who sings this song?

    Saira 2005-12-10

  • awesome wedding song

    i love this song ever since the first time i heard it. i'm definitely dancing with my husband to it on my wedding day.

    miranda 2005-12-09

  • v.gd

    i'm a teenage girl... so i'm prone 2 cry @ stuf lyk dis.. well i cnt say how much i did... i cudnt stop 4 half an hour! it is so sad... n just makes u fink how hard it reli is... life... i lost sum1... n i just fink... yer dat was hard... but bein a little girl 2 lose her daddy... this girl is v.brave n i wish ehra world of luck XXXabiXXX

    abi 2005-12-09

  • SO SAD

    I love this song! I have been searching all over te web to try to listen to it one more time! it makes me cry all the time! I wouldn't be able to imagion what it would be like for my dad to be gone! I Love my dad so much and i think that this song is so awesome and sad at the same time! WEll I am going to go back to searching to listen to the song see ya and i hope you make a nother one as good as that one!

    Jaime 2005-12-08

  • truely a sad song

    this song has to be truely the sadest song i have ever heard, that poor little girl and think there are thousands more that feel exactly the same as her. it makes you realise how lucky we are dont take a day for granted people we're lucky we still have our lives make the most while you can people.

    olivia and siantelle 2005-12-07

  • such a gr8 song

    it is so over welming it makes you realise what it would be like and how it has affected the children it mad me cry 3 times

    gemma 2005-12-07

  • so raven

    i think this song is really it made us cry it tragic what happend

    chloe and zoe 2005-12-02

  • So sorry.

    I think that this song is very sad and that the paki that put a gun up to the plane driver while he was flying the plane was very stupid and i do not think that he new that the people on board would have a very big chance of dying and if they had kids that is not right coz the kids and all of the other family's r really missing there part of family in the 911 atack.

    Shelley and Amy. 2005-12-02

  • my daddy your the greatest

    Wen i listened to the song tears rolled down my face this girl has got sum guts doing this song bless her i hope she grows up to become the greatest

    Kimberley 2005-12-01

  • truely the sadest song

    This song has to be the sadest song. It touched me and all my friends. I dont hink i had listend to a song as many times as this 1. I know how u feel to every1 who has lost sum1!!Mwa luv bee xoxox

    briana 2005-11-29

  • help me find this song

    i heard this song one time n i loved it! it made me cry....could anyone be able to tell me wat the name of the song is? and who its by...i really want to find it

    teegan 2005-11-27

  • amazing

    thank you i cried the whole time i lost my dad that day i was only 4 and now i am sad i miss my daddy

    trish 2005-11-23

  • found it

    I found a version by bryan adams. It's beautiful, but I know I heard a version by a female singer.

    mina 2005-11-22

  • help

    who knows of another version of this song? a different artist, etc?

    mina 2005-11-22

  • its great

    this song is so sad,
    it shows how hard it wouold be to loose your dad!,
    my dads still alive but i will miss him so much when he does have to go!! and i no how hard it was for my mum when she lost her dad !
    so to everyone whos lost / losing their dad
    you are all so strong, and keep smiling !
    love tiffany

    tiffany 2005-11-21

  • Raven

    Do you do a show raven Symone called thats so raven just wondering if ya do i am big fan need your autograph and pic

    Chloe levesconte 2005-11-19

  • Sad

    I made me cry the 1st time i heard it i cudn't stop i was at stacey rutleys house my best m8 she was crying anall but then we had to have our tea so we had to hide our face from staceys mam dad and bro

    Chloe levesconte 2005-11-19

  • Thanks

    Hey this is jesse mccartney, im so sorry for all of you and that song id great, thanks for making such a great song for all of those who lost someone, Love Jesse McCartney.

    Jesse McCartney 2005-11-19

  • none

    I think the song "Heaven 911 Remix" is really sad and i almost cried when I listened to it! I fell so bad for all the people who have lost someone in the 911 attacks and my sympathy goes out to all of you's out there!:( "BUH-BYE"

    Melanie 2005-11-19

  • symoney

    yeap thats me raven symone

    raven symone 2005-11-18

  • saddest thing

    The 1st time i had eva listen to dat song i started cring i couldnt help ma self but cri. wen the lil girl lost her dad in da 911 terrist attaks in 2001. oh my god soo sad i was wit ma boy friend the first time i eva heard it. i started to cri and couldnt stop he held me and i laughed it was so sadd. im neva gonna forget that song. as long as i live evry time i here that song i cri
    luvs ya anthony and to all people godd bless all u guys who had some 1 pass away in ur famaly good luck
    luvs yal

    kaitlyn .c. 2005-11-17


    OMG, when i first heard this song, i balled my eyes out, i love it so much, but it is the saddest song eva, and i cant stop listening 2 it!! my dad also crys when he hears it, i feel so sorry 4 this lil girl!! she is so cute!! and she has lost her dad, 4 the idiots who crashed the planes into the towers!! i wish they cood hear that song, and c wot they have done, even tho they r dead 2!!

    Ally 2005-11-16

  • aww bless that lil girl

    this song is so upsetting! awwwww bless that girl saying things in it. luv shazxxxx

    shaz 2005-11-14

  • hey

    who is the girl who sings this?

    princess 2005-11-13

  • A really sad sond

    It's really sad and a great song I can't stop singing it. The first time I heard it I cried a lot it's really sad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Zoe 2005-11-13

  • really sad

    i didnt c the clip when my friend scott let me listen to it on his mp3 player i thought it woz really sad nearly burst out crying lol :[ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Damien 2005-11-13

  • really sad

    when i heard the song i woz nearly about to cry it woz so sad :[ i could'nt watch the video clip anymore but i woz so sad but intresdeded i stayed it just up set me da way dat people lost there lives

    Chantelle 2005-11-13

  • really really sad

    when i listened to the song and watched the video clip it made me get a lump in my throught :[ my friends even said it woz sad and some of dem were boyz lol it is sad to know dat people have lost there lives for just a little person

    Danielle 2005-11-13

  • sad

    it is a very sad sond it made me cry the first time i hard that it makes u think we should b greatfull 4 what we have. all those people who lost ther lives which never should have happend. it was a very sad time

    tracey 2005-11-12

  • sad

    i love the song it is so sad.

    madd 2005-11-11

  • sad

    this song makes me wanna cry when i hear it when she say abot her in bed and she think he mintcome and kiss her goodnight oww

    leigh 2005-11-11

  • sad and makes u think

    this song made me cry it is really sad i iisted to it twice and could not listen to it again it makes you feel hoe luky u are mabe every one will get alone God bless her:( :(

    rachel .g 2005-11-11

  • mabye

    mabye some day everyone will get along and things like this won't happen

    hannah 2005-11-10

  • so sad

    me and my sister listen to it a few days ago and we cryed for hours, so many lifes were lost by some stupid person

    Jordan 2005-11-10

  • Cant think what its like

    This song made me cry a boi cry thats big news lol that is so sad i h8 who flew dos planes intoz da biuldings......

    Mitch 2005-11-09

  • it makes u think

    this song made me cry it makes u think how luky we are love leahxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    leah 2005-11-06

  • cyr so hard

    well my dad died wen i was about 6 and evertime i hear this song i cry sooo much :(

    elyse 2005-11-06

  • da sad song

    i really luv dis song but every time i hear it,it makes me soooooooooooo sad! i think the origianal is much betta n it means alot more 2 people!!!!!!!!!

    bins 2005-11-04

  • heartbreaking

    every time i hear it i burst out in tears it is heartbreaking to hear.

    amy lou 2005-11-03

  • amazing

    I teared up the moment i heard this song because i had lost my uncle (not in 9/11 but he was a marine). It was six years ago and most of my cousins were as young as this girl. One of my cousins, who takes after my uncle in so many ways, is now a marine himself. He is in Iraq, and i dont think i could bear it if anything happened to him. If you could try to remember him in your prayers i would greatly appreciate it. (His name is Richard Conrad)
    Thank you and all my sympathy to those who have lost family members in the service.

    Anna 2005-11-02

  • this song roxx

    i love this song its really cool/sad

    i feel soooooooooooooooo sorry for the little girl who lost her dad (she is soooooooooo cute) the remix 'heaven 911 is betta then the origianal'

    billz 2005-10-29

  • 2nd best

    this is 1 of the best songs ive eva heard. its my 2nd fave song of all time. 1st time i heard it i cried. my frends played this song to the class 4 a project they were doing and all the girls cried.

    larissa mazzone 2005-10-28

  • wateva

    this song is really sad it made me start to have tears in my eyes i feel sorry 4 every 1 that lost someone they love on september the 11th god bless you xxxxxxxxx

    elisia 2005-10-27

  • Remember

    I will remember this song for ever as it relates to me and every one else i know god bless everyone who had lost someone special as latly i have lost some1 too. i play this song every time i can god bless all the people who died to save OTHERS that day
    AISH xXxXxXxxXxXxXxXxXx

    Aish XxXxXx 2005-10-24

  • great

    This is an awesome song! Its so sad, but everyone i know loves it! awesome, love to dance to it, it makes me all teary eyed! it touched someone i know so close, he (yes a guy)cryed when i danced to it, his dad dies when he wa 7, he left the room while i was dancing. this song is so powerful

    Alannah 2005-10-19

  • the sadest song ever

    this song is the most sadest song i've heard in my life ifeel real sorry for the little girl in it me heart goes out ta her!!!

    proz 2005-10-19

  • lovey

    i love the song heaven 911 it makes me cry somtimes
    i listen to it ever day

    katrhyn 2005-10-19

  • Song important to me

    My dad died when I was 3 years old. The only thing I remember is the day he died because he died right in front of me. I am now 17 and still have that moment in my mind. I miss him and yes I am ok. But when I hear this song it makes me sad and a little happy at the same time. Its kinda weird. I miss my dad but I think that ppl have it way worse than me. Also the other slow version is me and my ex's song (go figure), ne wayz I still love him, so both versions are important to me. Love ya Daddy!!!

    Sam 2005-10-19

  • My dad

    That song makes me cry sometimes i havent got a dad he died when i was six

    Bobbi 2005-10-14

  • OMG

    Sad Heaven is the saddest song we've eva heard n the best every time we ere it we cry

    Claire N Shakila N Jessica N Leah 2005-10-13

  • what a hard thing to go through

    Im listing to the song right now my mom showed it to me, and I can just feel how each and every family would have felt during 9/11. I know myself im in the army and if i had kids i dont think i could keep doing what im doing now cause to have a kid and for them to lose thier father would be the hardest thing... every person out there should listen to this song and see what some people have to go through... its not the moms and dads who get hurt its the kids who have to live with it forever....great song if only everyone could feel the same way

    Justin 2005-10-09

  • woah

    This is a really deep song, and althought i havent lost my father, i can still relate to the girl, and how she feels. Its a really moving song, and evcerytime i listen to the 911 remiz, i cry.

    zea 2005-10-09

  • sad but good

    when i first heard the song 911 ,i thought that it was breathtaking in the fact of how sad the words were. i think this song has touched a lot of people .

    katie 2005-10-09

  • well sad

    when i hear this 911 song im on the verge of tears . Every body must wanna cry wen ya hear dat song its well sad.

    Emily 2005-10-08

  • Thank You

    i had an assembly at school in memory for all those who died in the 911 and this song was played and it certainly made me relise what the people went through and at the end of the song i was in floods of tears this was also played at my best mates cousin funeral its such a sad song to hear but it is really sweet to.

    Jayd 2005-10-05

  • saddest song in da world

    i heard dis song at skool and like it wuz so sad...i feel realli sorri for da little gurl...especially wen she says dat she sleeps wif da light on...it makes me cry so so much...a hole bunch of people i knew wer in da attcacks of 9/11 so it makes it cry like hell every time i listen 2 it!

    izzie 2005-10-01

  • 911 is sad

    Man it is so sad to have a dad or mom in 911

    man so long for a hit 2005-09-29


    Hi, my friends uncle died in the 911 so you can imagen how sad i woz i cried for 3 hours and i no all the words it is a brill song to cry to! :(
    So if a relative u no died, dont be sad coz sum day u can meet them, its ok, i no how u feel xxx

    Charly 2005-09-28

  • gr8 song


    sammy ann 2005-09-23

  • heaven 911

    This song is really sad,everytime i hear it i cry its so sad! i liked it soo much ive now got it on my mp3!!

    Laura 2005-09-19

  • HELP

    who is the singer of the slow version??? i*ve been looking for days and i can*t find it.... all i can find is the remix by DJ Sammy and I don*t want that!!!!!!!

    HELP! aJ*

    aaJ 2005-09-16

  • I love dis song

    every time i listen to dis song i feel all emotional and i feel like i am or i was in dat position but really im not.

    well tanx


    Malissa 2005-09-15

  • ...


    PIXiE 2005-09-11

  • not just sad..

    hi, when i first herd "heaven 911" i couldnt help but cry. but i have to say i think it is more then a sad song it is really beautiful. good luck to all those people who have lost ones, expecially to 3 of my frinds that have lost there dad.

    tasha 2005-09-11

  • so sad

    when i listened 2 this song, i nearly cried !
    its a fanastic but so sad!

    emily 2005-09-04

  • 911 Remix

    Amazin Song And da 911 Remix is reali sad tho

    Amy 2005-09-02

  • beautiful song

    i will be walking down the isle to this song in november. ever since i first heard this song when it was just in techno verson i loved the words and what they meant to me. now a few years later this is the song i will start teh rest of my life with.

    jennifer 2005-08-19

  • ....

    this song makes me tear up expecially to the heaven 911 remix..well thanks, sincerely Heather

    Heather 2005-07-31

  • great song

    I walked down the isle to this song. it was truly beautiful. one of my really good friends offered to sing it for me and i accepted. She sang while I walked with my father. it took so much will power for me not to cry, but of course i ended up tearing. I could hardly say I do...it was beautiful

    Jen 2005-07-19

  • thank you

    i think this a great song i really love it and i think its sad and i hope ou have heard that song heaven 911remix thats even sader and this song sonds really good with this song. You guys gave me a great idia my sister is geting married next year so im goin to ask the dj to play this song and deticat t them and u thank you sincerly, vanessa

    Vanessa 2005-07-08

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