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  • trumpet

    Hi again.I know the words of Minka Minka

    alyssa 2011-04-06

  • trumpet

    I think that the trumpet is fun if you know how to play it.So to all the trumpet players keep playing because I know I will

    alyssa 2011-04-06

  • Trumpet Voluntary

    I could be wrong, but I think that this was played at Princess Diana's wedding.

    Mia 2010-05-10

  • With Organ

    This CAN be played w/o organ. This CAN be played with a piano instead. However, I'm an organist, You get a fuller and grander sound when used with the two. You also get the original effect of the piece, going between trumpet and organ. Not to be biased or anything. I also play trumpet :)

    Justin 2009-04-20

  • Quartet

    I played this in a brass quartet. Sounds awesome with trombone/coronet/horn/tuba.

    Ashley 2007-10-15

  • Re:Trumpet

    Yes it's fine without an organ. YOu can use just a trumpet/cornet player alone or accompanied by a keyboard

    GiGi 2007-10-10

  • Trumpet

    Has anyone every heard this without the organ? I don't want to bother with trying to find an organ player but I already know a trumpet player.

    angie 2007-07-13

  • voluntary

    i just want to hear it

    anita 2007-05-27

  • Trumpet Voluntary

    I wanted to hear a sample because I think this is what I want to walk down the aisle to.

    Cheryl 2007-03-23

  • Traditions

    This was my parent's wedding tune for the processional. I was thinking of using it at mine as the "something borrowed". Great traditional tune!

    Kate 2007-02-14

  • Words to Trumpet Voluntary

    Actually, the words were written long after the original arrangement. Because the song was becoming popular at weddings, the Catholic church decided that words must be added in order to fit with Catholic tradition. They also added words to the traditional wedding song that we are used to hearing, but those were also very unpopular.

    Ross 2006-07-02

  • Trumpet Voluntary

    I just want to hear a sample of the music because I was thinking about using this song for my entrance at my wedding.

    Ebony 2006-06-14

  • Trumpet Voluntary

    The Trumpet Voluntary doesn't have any words. It is a "wordless" song played on the trumpets and organ. It is a very traditional wedding song mostly played in big cathedrals and church weddings.

    Jamie 2005-07-03

  • Trumpet Voluntary


    Ronald Dutt 2004-11-30

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