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  • I shall walking down the aisle to this

    Absolutely beautiful, I love Shania she is amazing, I'm also walking out to Your still the one, another beautiful Shania song, :D

    2013 Bride 2012-09-03

  • what a very nice song

    everytime i switch on my radio, i wish that this very nice song will be played. i feel comfortable if i heard this song.great......................

    Taurus 2007-07-02

  • the best love song

    My 10 year old daughter sang this song for my friend to walk down the isle with at a hotel wedding. All I could do was cry so if youre having this song at your wedding take plenty of hankies. Even the groom cried

    auriel 2006-12-23

  • I LOVE this song

    I love hearing this song, it gives me chill bumps...I was just reading the lyrics of the song, because my fiance and I would like for it to be sung at our wedding for the unity candle lighting. I appreciate that she put into words what love feels like, and that she is sharing it with the world.

    Lisa 2006-12-18

  • Great song

    I love this song. I sang in our wedding, and this is the song I chose to sing to my husband. I didn't sing it in rehearsal, so he didn't know what I was going to sing to him. Our wedding day was extra special, it was my gift to him. We've been married 7 years, and I still remember that moment and the look in his eyes while I sang this song to him.

    Dawn 2006-07-28

  • I Love This Song

    This song is great, everytime i hear it i cry. This is because this was mine and my boyfriend's song before we broke up. There are a lot of great memories and this song brings back all of them. Im just 15 but i knew i found my true love but i let him go.

    Shaniqua 2006-06-11

  • Love it

    Me and my boyfriend are going to perform this song for his parent's 25th anniversary. It's going to be awesome because we're also doing the sign language to it. I'm 19, and I can't wait till I get married because this song will deffinately be played.

    Brittany 2005-05-30

  • this song is great

    I love this song. Everytime I hear it I just want to cry. Even thought a am 14 years old I want this song to be played at my wedding.

    brittany 2004-11-15

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