Nothings gonna stop us now Comments

  • hai

    theme song ramreis #14

    gurl 2012-07-24

  • ranking

    best ever song to me

    amir 2012-07-10

  • Like It

    Hay...super ganda ng song'. Wala man akong love life ngayon ay damang dama ko parin ang message ng song...Nothing gonna stop them what ever it take they stand together....laban kung laban wlang iwanan...VERY NICE...kaya nga kumuha talaga ako ng copy nito para makanta ko ng maayos with the right lyrics hehehehee....JABERN Yan yong combination ng nym ng crush ko pero di nya alam...jAKE + BERNADETTE = Jabern huhuhu...pero nalaman ko di nya pala totoong pangalan ang Jake....kainis din....ANONG CoMMENT NYO?

    Jabern Himalaya 2012-06-07

  • song09

    Like this Song!! <3

    Von Marlo Sabay 2011-11-08

  • my

    ..grabe..ang ganda tlga ng song na 'to..inspiring..god bless poh!!!

    jen_23 2011-10-29

  • just for you babe :*

    iLOVETHiS SONG SO MUCH :) this is my favorite song. I repeat it 20 times a day :DD coz' its so very beautiful :) hampogee ni jake VARGAS :DD wuhaha. dats all thanks :)

    *let 'em say we're crazy , i don't care about dat :)* :"">

    ynah.labsyou ;) 2011-08-24

  • i love you starship

    i like very much this song but the movie is very interesting i wish the Starship never break is the best troupe

    mishu 2011-04-26

  • Great

    The greatest love song in the world love it

    Emma griffiths 2011-03-15

  • for my bhebeb:) iloveyou

    I'm so glad I found you, I'm not gonna lose you
    Whatever it takes, I will stay here with you
    Take you to the good times, see you through the bad times
    Whatever it takes is what I'm gonna do

    duane 2011-02-22

  • love it

    the message of this song is really beautiful...
    this is our theme song...

    kacis 2011-02-16

  • sayang

    ..sayang maaga kang bumitaw. .
    everytime i hear this song. i remember you.

    i hope youre happy now,.
    it brings too much pain for me seeing you marrying another guy..

    lupin 2011-01-03

  • i love this song!

    it talks about love so pure!love it!

    angel 2010-11-24

  • Wowzer

    AMAZING SONG!! Especially because the band is named after me!!! Me and Natalie love ya :) xx

    Jefferson 2010-11-04

  • for my husband

    dinedicate sa akin to ng asawa ko nung b-day ko. love you daddy.charmunohmyke

    charm 2010-09-23

  • nothings gonna stop us now

    super like.........! ang ganda ng song na to. love it!

    auie guzman fuellas 2010-09-11

  • Love it!!

    This song is awesome. The first time I heard it was in 1987 I think when they played it in the movie "Mannequin". Love the song!! Love the movie!!

    Shirley 2010-08-27

  • !! x

    such a good song!

    kelly longwake 2010-01-05

  • nothings gonna stop

    my husband send me that song, & i realy2 like it so meaningful.

    honey 2008-08-11

  • for dadie mike koh

    touching xado ang song na missing my dadie now..see u soon coming home...malapit na

    aloegna mikaela olga 2008-02-18

  • D BEST

    This song make the the relationship of lovers more stronger..... to the one i loved i love u so much....
    D BEST !!!!ASTIG!!!! 2007-12-23

  • fOr mY bBy19..

    grbe.. ilove this song so much.. rili3 love it!(= ang ganda qxeh ng meaning eh.. tamang tama pra xmen ng axawa co..ehe(= i ddc8 it to my bby19.. hm.iloveuxmuch'xawa qo.. NOTHING'S GONNA STOP US NOW!(= muamuamuamuamua..:p

    gUmibEar'019 2007-10-24

  • love it

    ang ganda ng song na 2 nkkatouch,,,,

    anne 2007-09-20

  • this is our song

    just listen to this song when you and your love one felt like giving up already it will remind you to keep your love strong even through the worst adversity

    crissy 2007-09-01

  • keleg

    i like this song very much

    tazmania 2007-08-06

  • nkakainlove

    grabee....nkakainlove tong song na toh...theme song ko nga to sa mine ko ehh...galing pa ng pagkarevive ng MYMP...grabe galing tlaga nla...luv u nga pla sa mine kow!!!....muah!!!...muah!!!...muah!!!...

    pasaway 2007-08-02

  • Love it

    I love this song, make my bad mood back in wonderfull. And make me believe love can win all.

    Ailin 2007-06-21

  • luv d song.

    i luv this song. its my favourite song.

    dis is a wedding song? lmao. i didnt know that.

    but i still love it.

    sumday, mayb this song is going to be on my wedding. :P

    but am stil 14.

    xoxo 2007-06-11

  • love it

    JP: im in love, this is our song!

    rocio 2007-04-24

  • Not telling YOU my name...

    Yeah, this IS good music to shag to....

    Padz 2007-04-21

  • wow

    when i was listening to this song i was like wow because it makes me feel stronger and think that i can build something with someone else and i wont have to give up on it and like i can go on forever.
    like i feel stronger whenever i listen to it and i wont feel week and nothing can stop us. typing about the song makes me feel stronger.
    wow. i shouldnt have to giveup on something jsut because people say that i cant build anything.
    i've always wanted to build a sand caslte when i was a little girl but my drunk uncle said i never could.

    Lauren 2007-04-10

  • great song

    Hays.. danda pla aman ng song na to...
    ngaun ko lang naapreciate.. well, this one is for mah dadeh.. Hapi anniversary daecute!!! muah muah!!

    Kristel 2007-04-09

  • awesome

    who sang this song?

    shaggyfur 2007-04-06

  • were crazy yeah..

    my baby just love this song, he dedicate this for me and i really appreciate it. i hope this songs really for me hehe. i love you so much macky!!!

    maqui 2007-02-19

  • its nice

    i like all your songs.

    meggz 2007-02-05

  • thaks make ur mama proud

    actually i have nothing to say its rely a nice song hahaha...thats ol..nasabi na nla lahat...

    angel 2007-01-17

  • I like it very much

    I'm 13 years old but i think this song seems to be an old and horrible song but many songs like this are very interesting and romantic

    Diana 2006-11-15

  • its great

    i really love this song! this is our best friends theme song. hope somebdy willchange some of the lyrics kay daghang di mao!!!!

    Hi-c 2006-08-14

  • amazing lyrics


    Maria 2006-07-03

  • i love this song

    god . . this song is so beautiful . . .
    just love it. . .
    now all i ask for is . . a gal for whome i can sing this song . . i all ready have one in mind . . . god help me . . .
    love you !!

    mandeep singh 2006-05-12

  • the song

    who knows the song from the movie by madonna?

    caroline 2006-04-15

  • reaction to Ummm Lyrics

    This song was not originated by the starting line. its called a cover smart one. if you look, the starting line didnt come out with a CD until 2001 with that song on it. On the other hand Jefferson Starship came out with the song in 1998 or before. so yeah. maybe you should look into things before you get all hot headed. dont get me wrong. starting line is great, but not all their songs are first hand.

    Lindsey 2006-03-03

  • omg....

    ok, kaycie, is it? the lyrics aren't wrong. the song was orginally by starship and starting line remade it and changed some of the lyrics. i love starting line, but this isn't orginally by them...


    cici 2005-11-21

  • very cute.

    this song cant get any cuter. i dont understand why all men cant be like this :-/

    marietta 2005-11-09

  • Question

    hey ... I seem to remember this song being a tv theme song from the 80's or early 90's. Does anyone happen to know if it is, or if I'm crazy!?!


    Stefanie 2005-10-16

  • Aww

    Man this song was from my favorite movie back when I was three years old! I loved this song and the starting line version has nothing on the classic!

    Hector 2005-09-25

  • LOL

    LOL that's a first, I have seen people confused about if it was by Starship or Jefferson Starship. As you know Starship was formerly Jefferson Starship and before the Jefferson Airplane. The others mentioned this song was used in mannequin, one of my favorites, in 1987. It was Starship's third #1 song. The lyrics are correct for the version. I love this song, when I was little I thought, "I want to use that song when I get married".... We're not using it for our dance, but believe me we will be using it for something!

    Desiree 2005-09-03

  • typooo

    um actually, the song** wasn't originated by the starting line, this song is from the 80s..the starting line did a remake of it

    stephanie 2005-08-12

  • not really kaycie

    um actually, the starting line wasn't originated by the starting line, this song is from the 80s..the starting line did a remake of it

    stephanie 2005-08-12

  • its fab

    this song is my favorite song because it is mine nd my boyfriends song. and when i get married it is gonna be my weddin song

    amy 2005-08-05

  • luv it

    hey joe i think thats kinda sweet i really like this song i think its very romantic =)

    Taylor 2005-08-02

  • the best

    i first heard the song when i was watching the movie mannequin and i fell in love with it. i used it for my cake song at my wedding it was awesome.

    Jaclyn 2005-07-26

  • Hmm...

    It was not originated by the Starting Line... They did a fairly good cover though...

    Ayla 2005-07-01

  • lyrics

    whatta heck! dis my theme song with mah honey!!!

    natzkie 2005-06-30

  • lyrics

    This is a great song, and when I marry, if, i would want it to be something like this.

    Jeremy 2005-06-10

  • its great

    this song is so pimp im only 16 and its my favorite song im gonna shag a girl to it one day i ment make love to a girl my girl to this song

    joe durham 2005-06-10

  • umm lyrics..

    some of the lyrics r wrong on this song and it was originated by the starting line..give them ther damn credit..gah!!

    kaycie 2005-05-24

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