Flesh of my flesh

By Leon Patillo

You are flesh of my flesh
Bone of my bone
There's no one closer
You are flesh of my flesh
Bone of my bone
We are one

I do pledge my life to you
Forever and always
I will take good care of you
And shower you with praise

Others try and separate us
But they don't have a chance
No one else can take your place
No not even one


I do give my life to you
Today and everyday
I will stand right by your side
Whatever comes our way

I have searched and searched for someone
Who'd make my dreams come true
Nowhere else on this earth
Is there anyone like you


The storms of life can blow and blow
But they won't knock me down
We'll stand the test
The test of time
Cause we stand on Holy ground.




    I am renewing my vows this month. I need to get the music only to this song. It will be sung at my ceremony. do you where I can get the music only

    marion beverly 2016-04-01

  • Fan

    Leon Patillo

    John 2012-08-21

  • An oldie but goodie

    this is a nice wedding song. i sang my rendition of this song at my aunts wedding so many years ago i cant remember. i know it was more than 10. but i will be giving my rendition for the second time this saturday for another close loved one.

    Ramona Bailey 2012-07-23

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