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    I am renewing my vows this month. I need to get the music only to this song. It will be sung at my ceremony. do you where I can get the music only

    marion beverly 2016-04-01

  • Fan

    Leon Patillo

    John 2012-08-21

  • An oldie but goodie

    this is a nice wedding song. i sang my rendition of this song at my aunts wedding so many years ago i cant remember. i know it was more than 10. but i will be giving my rendition for the second time this saturday for another close loved one.

    Ramona Bailey 2012-07-23

  • weddings

    i will be performing this song at my aunts wedding so i hope she enjoys it!!!:)

    nicosha 2012-07-03

  • So moving!

    This song really speaks to the heart of what a marriage is all about. Let the words to this Christian love song move you, if you are pondering any song to use for your wedding day!!!

    Maryssa 2011-10-12

  • ..............

    Love this sone... very mush... simple but beautiful..........

    Jeremy 2011-05-20


    I searching hard to find the chords of this song... can you give me the chords??? thanks. More bless.

    myrrh 2010-11-24

  • Annointed song

    AAhhhh, this song was sung to my sister at their wedding over twenty years ago and I want to sing it at my wedding. It is such an annointed song, but I would love for somebody to tell me where I can get either the Backing track, the actual song, or the chords for it. Drop me a mail on owen@crossleysa.com thanks. Be blessed

    Owen 2010-10-27

  • 26yrs. later!

    We had this song for our wedding and it still rings true to today. What a foundational song for a wedding!

    carrots 2010-08-29

  • flesh of my flesh

    i love this song, and i will hopefully perform it at my own wedding when i find my flesh of my flesh and my bone of my bone
    someone that i can't live without but i'm still young and i'm gonna let God handle that

    darvin_letren@hotmail.com 2010-06-15

  • Keyboard/Piano Chords

    Does anyone have the chords to this song. I need to know how to play it in a while.

    Shanquette Chance 2010-05-12

  • luvin it

    I really love this song...its beautiful and amazing...i intend on having somone to sing for me on my wedding day.........

    Yasmine 2009-11-30

  • Song writer

    The name of the songwriter is Leon Patillo. I had this sung at my wedding. It is fabulous.

    Carolyn 2009-09-10

  • Flesh of my flesh

    I need to know who is the author, either the ferformer
    of this beautiful music. It would be wonderful to have
    the chords in order to play it in the guitar.
    Coud anybody, please, help me with these informations ?

    Antonio Natálio 2009-06-28

  • I Gotta Have It

    I am getting married really soon and i need the persons name who sings the song ASAP send the info to quantewells24@yahoo.com PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE thank you

    Quante Wells 2009-05-26

  • Flesh of my flesh

    Some people may beleive that genuine love is history but real love will never die. This song is beyond beautiful. It speaks of that kind of love that comes from the heart and not the hand. It is the love a man ought to have for a woman and vice versa. Only God could bring two people to this type of love ... flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone! Just love!

    Liza 2009-03-29

  • hear it on youtube

    I also found some nice renditions of the song on youtube and was able to hear the whole song. Just go to the website and search Flesh of my Flesh, then choose a video!

    Corey 2008-11-18

  • getting the song

    can anyone tell me how i can get the is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone on cd?

    kemi 2008-10-20

  • Chords

    Anybody can post the chords of this beautiful song ?.. love to sing this song this Sun ie 21/9/08 in Church for marriage vow renewal... Thks n God Bless

    i. t 2008-09-15

  • at our wedding 25 years ago

    This song was sang at our wedding as a duet by our friends ---a married couple!! They did a wonderful job. It was very touching and spirit filled 25 years ago on Dec 10,08!!!
    It was true then and now. I hope my son and daughter will use it when they marry and start a family tradition.
    I still have the cassette :) by Leon Patello

    Brings back wonderful memories....Thanks

    S Anderson 2008-09-12

  • Instrumental

    Where can I purchase the instrumental to the song Flesh of my Flesh by Levine Hudson

    Cynthia 2008-09-12

  • I know the Author

    My mum used to go to church with her many years ago and we have her record at home
    The author is called Laveen Hudson ( if thats spelt right) and she was origanally from London, She eventually moved to America to persue her career but dont know what happened to her after that.

    Im having this song at my wedding during the sighning of the register next year

    Nichol 2008-08-30

  • flesh of my flesh

    I song this songs to my husband and it brung tears to his eyes. This is a wonderful song for the one you love.

    loncat 2008-08-29

  • author

    Leon Patillo

    Cierra 2008-08-24

  • Flesh of My Flesh, Bone of My Bone

    I really would like to know what album this is on or who sings it. Please HELP. email me at tamekashouse101@yahoo.com Thanks

    Tameka 2008-08-03

  • Flesh of My Flesh, bone of my bone by Levine Hudson (1988).

    I need to Lyrics to this song. I know the lyrics was on the original album cover.

    Pat Nunn 2008-07-05

  • Need Author/Song Writer's name

    Can someone please tell me who the song writer is for this song so that I can go buy it for my wedding. I am getting married Sat. June 21, 2008?


    Arlisia 2008-06-18

  • Author of song

    I am singing this song on this coming Sunday (May 4th 2008) I have the song on CD. The writer is Leon Patillo, but the version I have is sung by a female. If you want, I will make a copy for you and send to you. You can respond to me at pastorlee08@yahoo.com. If that email address kicks back to you (as it has done others in the past), email me at dlee@oakwood.edu. I will be happy to burn the song on CD and send to you, especially for you Troy for your sister's wedding in August.

    David 2008-05-02

  • wonderful

    my parents' wedding song! I've loved it since I first heard it as a young child.

    yaevlejunce 2008-04-05

  • Leon Patillo

    Leon Patillo sing this song

    Pash 2008-02-22



    EMMANUEL 2008-02-20

  • Flesh of my flesh

    Please, if someone can tell me who sings this song let me know. My cousin is getting married and i know she will love this song.

    Veronica 2008-01-14

  • need song asap

    can someone tell me who the author is and how to get this song? I absolutley love this song. thanks!


    Natalie 2007-10-07

  • flesh of my flesh

    i have performed this song at several weddings and will again tommorow.

    aneatra 2007-08-02

  • Need Song

    I love this song and would really appreciate it if someone could help me get this song. My sister is getting married in August and i think she'll love this song. Please could someone help me out...........

    Troy 2007-07-18

  • Author

    Could you please tell me who is the author of this song and how i could get the song tract off the internet. Thanks


    Anesia 2007-04-25

  • thank you

    "It seems like weddding music is hard to find in the music stores now, but thank God you had it here, I'll be singing it a wedding soon."

    terri jenkins 2007-04-18

  • Flesh of my flesh

    You are flesh of my flesh
    Bone of my bone
    There's no one closer
    You are flesh of my flesh
    Bone of my bone
    We are one

    I do pledge my life to you
    Forever and always
    I will take good care of you
    And shower you with praise

    Others try and separate us
    But they don't have a chance
    No one else can take your place
    No not even one


    I do give my life to you
    Today and everyday
    I will stand right by your side
    Whatever comes our way

    I have searched and searched for someone
    Who'd make my dreams come true
    Nowhere else on this earth
    Is there anyone like you


    The storms of life can blow and blow
    But they won't knock me down
    We'll stand the test
    The test of time
    Cause we stand on Holy ground.


    Swanderlyn 2007-02-05

  • Flesh of my flesh

    Love this song, great wedding song. I had the honors of singing it at a few wedding and it really send a true touching message.

    Joseph 2006-12-30

  • song

    i love this song, its being sang at my son's wedding
    could someone tell me of any artist that sings this song.

    cheryl mcgee 2006-11-25

  • God honoring

    This was the perfect song for our wedding! It honors God's design of marriage and speaks of the beauty and mystery of marriage.

    Amy 2006-11-25

  • Flesh of My Flesh

    This was song at my Wedding it brought Tears to My entire Wedding Party, Myself and Husband.. And even the Minister Teared for a Moment...

    Trish 2006-11-15

  • flesh of my flesh

    this song is beautiful,very,very good.
    I really love it!

    joan 2006-11-05


    Great Song! I have always loved this. It is very appropriate for a wedding, I'm suggesting using it in an upcoming wedding I'm planning. Will blow people away for the Groom to Sing to his Bride. Bring on the tissues.


    CATHERINE 2006-08-17

  • I love this song

    I have always wanted this song played at my wedding, and I think the lightening of the unity candles will be absolutely perfect. Can you tell me who sings this and where I can find the single or album.

    Chanda Jackson 2006-08-10

  • Flesh of my flesh

    My pastor's wife song this song to my pastor and boy I was crying like a baby.

    Rashawnda 2006-08-05

  • Wedding Song

    I had a discussion with my daughter about her parents' wedding and remembered that this song was song. I decided to find the words and was pleasantly surprised to find on my first try. I think Now I will try to find the music because I can only remember the tune of the chorus. Now, I'll sing it for a few months. It makes me feel good.

    ALICE 2006-08-03

  • Flesh of my Flesh

    This was sung at my wedding almost 15 years ago. The lyrics were perfect then and still are today. I highly recomend this sung. We had it sung by good friends of ours...a husband and wife duet to bless our day. It was beautiful.

    Kristy Houle 2006-06-26

  • who sings this osng

    Please tell me who sings this song.

    lynn 2006-06-10

  • flesh of my flesh

    I would like to know who sings the song flesh of my flesh

    sandra 2006-06-06

  • artist

    Who is the artist that sings this song?

    VerLena Holmes Spence 2006-05-18

  • what it really mean

    when I first heard this song, I had to have it, for it was done at my wedding and what meaning, what could one tell another person about comitment.

    julius 2006-05-08

  • Flesh of my flesh

    I love this song. It was played at my aunt's wedding and ever since then I wanted to play it at mine. I searched and searched and finally found it here.

    Thanks alot

    Mona 2006-03-30

  • I had this....

    I had this sang at my wedding. I really love this song. It is very beautiful.

    Shanea 2006-03-29

  • my wedding song

    this song was played at my wedding it is such a perfect song for two people in love who are about to enter into that sacred union of marriage!!!

    Stephanie 2006-03-09

  • One month and Counting

    Could someone please tell me where I can purchase this song on CD. I am in desperate need of music sheets; Anything for my Soloist to practice and find her personal key!! I'm wedding March 11, 2006. I heard a version of this song back in May of 2005. It was very touching. Jsut Beautiful.

    Nikkir 2006-02-13

  • Flesh of my Flesh

    I search the internet for about an hour an could not find this song I thank you for having this song it was indeed a blessing.

    Johnnetta 2006-02-08

  • flesh of my flesh

    my husband sang this song for me on our wedding day as I walked down the isle and I was so moved with emotion that I could not hold back the tears of joy and happiness. He made me feel like the only woman on the face on the earth.

    angela wallace 2006-01-29

  • I Love this song

    This song is the true meaning of love! It's the perfect song for someone really in love.

    Kandice Chestang 2005-09-22

  • Beautiful Song

    This is a beautiful song. Can you please send me all the musical versions of this song. Tammievh@aol.com

    Tammie Herring 2005-08-21

  • Wedding

    I just love this very appropriate for a wedding. I would like for my fiance to sing this to me at our wedding.

    Renae Gibson 2005-08-02

  • About this song

    I love this song and think that it is just the right song for candle lighting. It was sung at my cousins wedding and boy did it make me cry.

    Thanks alot

    Fedora Smith 2005-01-26

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