Angel In Disguise

By Brandy

Angel in disguise she was
But somehow you fell for her
Until she broke your heart that day
And left you in the rain
But still I love you

I found it quite strange
The way you said her name
And when you look in her eyes
I see the lust you can't deny
It's more to this than what you say
Cause in your sleep you called her name
You say she's just a friend
I knew right then cause the rain began

She seemed so familiar the day that I met her
Who was she foolin' I had a clue what she was doin'
Thoughts of suspicion brought to my attention
I fell in her game I'm so lost
Please stop the rain

And when my music stops
And when my tear drops
And when the rain ends
My heart will beat again


  • this song

    lol interesting i was thinkin the same thing. i like this song but would not play it at my wedding. lol

    erica 2010-04-29

  • hmmmm

    what a depressing song to play at a wedding.... It is a good song by the way, in fact i used to listen to it all the time when i found out my ex was cheating on me, but yea, it's so not appropriate for the wedding. If you did play it at your wedding, i wonder what your guests where thinking when the heard the lyrics... Seriously, what was your logic behind picking this song?

    Aly 2010-04-26

  • Hahaha

    i love dis song but if a somone plays this at there weddin im sure rumors will be started and people will think that the groom is cheating on his bride

    laxy 2008-05-09

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