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  • this song

    lol interesting i was thinkin the same thing. i like this song but would not play it at my wedding. lol

    erica 2010-04-29

  • hmmmm

    what a depressing song to play at a wedding.... It is a good song by the way, in fact i used to listen to it all the time when i found out my ex was cheating on me, but yea, it's so not appropriate for the wedding. If you did play it at your wedding, i wonder what your guests where thinking when the heard the lyrics... Seriously, what was your logic behind picking this song?

    Aly 2010-04-26

  • Hahaha

    i love dis song but if a somone plays this at there weddin im sure rumors will be started and people will think that the groom is cheating on his bride

    laxy 2008-05-09

  • ..agree

    i agree w/ yu all.
    it really isnt fit for a wedding song. =]

    Rachel 2008-04-23

  • OH NO

    This is NOT a wedding song.

    DaRakkie 2008-02-17

  • well..

    i do believe its not fit for a wedding, but i love the song!

    just me. 2007-07-26

  • yea ooook

    some of you didn't actually read the lyrics, did you?

    erin 2006-11-15

  • not appropriate

    This song talks about the other woman, thus it's not appropriate for a wedding , unliess you plan on inviting his ex.

    reyn 2006-09-08



    rajeswaRI 2005-12-29

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