If it wasn't for your Love

By Heather Headley

Would I be standing here
After all these years
Among the stars above
Maybe not
If it wasn't for your love

Smiling faces all around
Like when a king that has just been crowned
A battle has been won
That I'd have lost
If it wasn't for your love

A fairytale unfolds
More true than stories I've been told
At last my chance to shine
And all in perfect time
The life I once dreamed of
Who'd have thought
If it wasn't for your love

And oh the wonderful surprise
To have a light so bright it blinds
It blinds my eyes
And finally I see
How it feels to live a dream
But would I have touched the sky
Ever flown so high
Oooh not I
If it wasn't for your love

Your love...


  • piano/vocal sheet music

    Hi! Due to the immense volume of requests for this song, I have now published it at myscorestore.com. I am no longer able to offer the music for free.

    Rebecca Visser 2011-10-23

  • Sheet Music

    Hi! I recently transcribed "If It Wasn't For Your Love" by Heather Headley for a bride who is getting married in Sept 2010. If anyone needs the sheet music (which you can't get buy from any sheet music retailer on the internet), send an email request to rebecca.osten@gmail.com. I will gladly send you a pdf copy of the piano version.

    Rebecca 2010-08-07

  • Sheet Music

    Where did you find the sheet music? I cannot find it anywhere.

    Brett 2010-04-28

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