If it wasn't for your Love Comments

  • piano/vocal sheet music

    Hi! Due to the immense volume of requests for this song, I have now published it at myscorestore.com. I am no longer able to offer the music for free.

    Rebecca Visser 2011-10-23

  • Sheet Music

    Hi! I recently transcribed "If It Wasn't For Your Love" by Heather Headley for a bride who is getting married in Sept 2010. If anyone needs the sheet music (which you can't get buy from any sheet music retailer on the internet), send an email request to rebecca.osten@gmail.com. I will gladly send you a pdf copy of the piano version.

    Rebecca 2010-08-07

  • Sheet Music

    Where did you find the sheet music? I cannot find it anywhere.

    Brett 2010-04-28

  • Great song

    Wandaful song,i cried my balls out im definatety walkin down da aisle whn renuwing our vows with dis song.my husband of 6 yrs hu cme in2 my lyf whn ol ws folin apart rli is a fairy tale beta dan ol ive heard.gud job heather.

    Tania 2010-02-11

  • It will work if everyone does it

    If enough people suggest this song to musicnotes.com, they will make it available.

    see previous comment on how to do it.

    WeddingSinger 2009-10-08

  • music?

    if anyone has found the sheet music can i have it as well???
    I'm supposed to sing it at my bro's wedding

    Juls 2009-07-28

  • father daughter!

    Great song for father daughter dance! I can't wait to dance with my daddy to this song!

    laura 2009-05-29

  • hm.. 10x ))

    hmm.. love it )

    Lyncacags 2009-04-15

  • Please send Sheet Music!

    My sister is getting married in MAY and if anyone has the sheet music to this song i would really appreciate it if you would send it to me!
    thank you my sister would be so excited. She is wanting our youngest sister to sing in the wedding!

    thanks again


    cwolf 2009-01-27


    I've check with many publishers and the sheet music is not available!

    TMB 2009-01-09

  • song sheet

    hi there! loving the song so much. can i have the music sheet please? need it for my cousin's wedding. Thanks!


    Ann 2008-11-27

  • I cried!

    My adopted son gave me this song at his college graduation! Yes, I cried! love you P!

    Natalie 2008-08-30

  • I always cry

    I always cry when I hear this song, because I sang it in memory of my Grandfather at his funeral. It is just an amazing song about being lifted up by someone's love, whether that be a spouse, or a family member. Touching in so many ways, it really helped me get through a rough time.

    AmyLynn 2008-07-10

  • sheet music!!!

    has anyone found the sheet music for this song? i soooooo need it!!


    keith 2008-06-30

  • sheet music

    I would love to walk down the isle to "if it wasn't for your love" by Heather Headley. Did anyone find the sheet music for this song? I am searching everywhere and can not find it...please help.

    Sharana 2008-06-02

  • wedding song

    any idea where to get sheet music for this song

    kymac99 2008-05-05

  • wedding

    when my sister got married, this is the song that she walked down the isle too. seems pretty popular with that setting

    kayla 2008-04-21

  • My song

    this song is very wonderful for love ones who are about to get married.

    Latoya white 2008-02-27

  • Beautiful

    This song is my new favorite =)

    Layla 2007-10-31

  • Wedding

    If It Wasn't For Your Love by Heather Headly is a beautiful love song fulled with lots of romance. I'm using this song to walk down the isle on 7/28/07.

    Michelle Smith 2007-07-10

  • Thank you

    iloved this song when i got married this was our song

    keta 2007-01-16

  • fantastic song

    love it absolutely wonderful

    Gigi 2006-11-13

  • Need sheet music

    I want to walk down the isle to this song If It Wasn't For Your Love. But no sheet music is to found for it... I have my bestfriend singing at my wedding and there is now way that I am going to have her there to sing and then just play this song without her singing it... she will nail it and I have always wanted her to sing at my wedding... so Please email me to tell me how to get it or if u can find it please email it to me... thanks again and god bless,


    Michelle 2006-10-24

  • sheet music

    Does anyone have sheet music to this...? I have been searching for my friend and can't seem to find it anywhere!


    ashleigh pfluger 2006-09-15

  • One of My Favorites

    I love Heather Headly. I love this song! It was the song that I wlked down the isle to.

    KiKi 2006-08-11

  • fantastic website

    Great, great wedding song!!

    caj 2005-06-23

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