Solve Your Wedding Problems Before They Happen

This is it! Your day is coming. And who wouldn't want a perfect once in a lifetime wedding ceremony?

Well you probably have attended a few wedding ceremonies before (You wouldn't think of being married if you haven't encountered a wedding ceremony, would you?). And you can't deny that for once you imagined yourself to be on that altar getting wed with your future spouse.

Now amidst your dream-like wishful thinking in the past wedding ceremonies you have attended, you might have noticed things you would rather prefer not to happen in your own wedding. So it's wise to learn from the mistakes of others and troubleshoot them for yourself before your turn comes to go up on that altar and say your "I do's" with your better half.

Here are some wedding mistakes you may have noticed from wedding ceremonies you have attended and some tips that you can use to avoid repeating their mistakes and making your own perfect wedding.

"Their wedding ceremony was an exact replica of other wedding ceremonies."

Don't be too mainstream traditional. Remember, this IS your wedding. It must reflect you and your future spouse's personalities and not just the traditional and cultural cliché. It sure can help you remember the day when you tied the knot every time you see those personalities emerge in your married life together.

"They spent too much and got little out of it."

Let's face it. The amount of money spent for the wedding ceremony cannot escape the meticulous eyes. You may have attended a low or high-budgeted wedding ceremony. Weigh the odds carefully for your own. Whether your money is much or little, it will pay off for as long as you apportion it right for your wedding. Write your expenses down. You don't want to spend much of your money on your shoes alone while forgetting to set aside some amount for the more important things.

"Their MC was from another planet and was cheesy and boring."

Make sure to get to know the one who has the assignment of keeping the attention of your guests to the splendor and the joy of your wedding. They made a mistake for taking for granted the importance of knowing the Master of Ceremonies and even the DJ of the reception. If you don't want to end up getting surprised at the boredom of your ceremony, then take time to zest up your MC and DJ before they zest up your wedding.

"They left me and other guests wet in the rain after an unprepared outdoor wedding."

Unless you have the powers of X-men's Storm or the prophet Elijah, never attempt to prepare an outdoor wedding without an emergency plan B. Always have an alternate covered place so that in case of a downpour, you can always move inside.

"One of the bride or groom had a hangover, a pair of eye bags and an upset stomach from the party the night before their wedding."

Bachelor parties and bridal showers are okay for as long as they don't wear the groom or bride off for their wedding the next day. So if you or your friends are planning to have a party for you, try to make it happen days before your day or if the schedule is immovable or your friends prepared a surprise party for you, make sure to consider your body's state and conserve your energy and beauty for the best of the day after.

"The bride or the groom looked stressed out from preparing the wedding by him or herself."

Maybe they wanted a perfect wedding so bad they have to prepare it by themselves. But what would you rather do? There are experts around your neighborhood that can do the bouquets for you or bake the cake for you. Just make sure you have a tight grasp of your wedding concept and you have effectively told them what you really want out of them. Also don't forget to be considerate of their needs and don't make that "It's MY wedding" excuse to be otherwise.

"The bride and groom took too long in leaving the venue so we left before them and reluctantly."

You don't want to make your guests feel the same way, do you? It's always a joyous feeling for a newly wedded couple to leave the building with loyal friends and happy guests cheering you up for your honeymoon afterwards.

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