The Bridezilla Syndrome?

A new addition to the list of psychiatric disorders is a conditioned diagnosed as the Bridezilla Syndrome. This malady reportedly turns a sweet and radiant woman in her wedding gown all of a sudden into an obsessed and unreasonably perfectionist bride. Symptoms are said to include ranting, screaming, being out of control, and being impossible to deal with.

So have you imagined yourself turning into this monster with bulging veins, bloodshot eyes and gnashing teeth on your most awaited day - a supposed vision of loveliness turned to horror? And have you toyed with the idea of being tormented with the memory of ruining your own wedding and having to live with that memory the rest of your life?

The causative agents of this malady according to self proclaimed experts vary from anxiety, stress, Narcissism, obsession with perfection, or simply fear of the unknown. Every negative feeling that you welcome can be just the culprit, they say.

But don't be fooled or enslaved by the mores of a society gone mad. Wanting to have a perfect wedding is totally okay; gauging your every move in accordance to how other people see you is not.

How about getting a little carried away in the middle of wedding planning? That is normal; in fact that is understandable. You have to be busy to make everything run as smoothly as possible - from your wedding gown down to how the table napkins will be folded. You have to go through a lot of things - there are many ideas to create and vendors to work with, yet you have to consider the budget to stay within. Wedding planning can be very difficult, yes, however, there is no reason to believe that you, of all people, should want to ruin what you have painstakingly put up together for months on end.

There are some age-old advices however to see you through your wedding preparations.

  • Don't Stress Yourself Out. If you think you are a not so organized when it comes to event planning, seek professional help. An event planner would surely take much of the pressure off your shoulders. Do not hesitate to ask assistance from your family and friends - dividing the task will greatly reduce your anxiety as most brides feel that they have to do everything by themselves.
  • Be Open-minded. Learn to listen and be sensitive. While as a bride you have the final say in everything such as choosing your bridesmaid's gown and accessories to the color of their eye shadows, just always remember to put yourself in their shoes. Try to be considerate and be sensitive to their needs.
  • Don't Be Meticulous About Small Stuff. The truth is that, you can't control everything. If things don't go exactly as planned, no one else need know and you don't owe anyone an explanation. After all, it's your wedding.
  • Keep Your Perspective. No doubt, wedding day is just once in a lifetime and should be as memorable as possible but keep in mind that a perfect wedding doesn't guarantee a perfect marriage. The future family that you will be creating together doesn't rely on your wedding day alone. Smile and cherish every moment. Remember the real meaning of marriage instead of focusing on too many details. If your bridesmaids' hair are not dyed the same color don't let it become source of your anxiety, does it really matter? Focus on what matter s most. Also, don't miss out on the fact that perfect weddings are too boring to remember. It is the hilarious peculiarities that are often etched in the mind.
  • Be Polite and Cherish the People that Surround You. Treat everyone with respect. Remember that your wedding day is just a day while family and friends are forever. Ask nicely if you need an assistance, they will respond positively too.
  • No More Wedding Talk after 8pm. Set a "wedding talk ban" that you will follow on a daily basis to free your mind of wedding stress. Don't neglect other important things that are happening everyday outside of wedding planning.
  • It's the Thought that Always Counts. Be gracious and thank everyone for their effort instead of complaining, even though things didn't come out exactly as planned.

Last but not the least, let this be the last time you let the word bridezilla come to mind. This article is especially written to set you free from that fear. You are a unique person of your own right; a normal being who has her shares of life's ups and downs, someone who is capable of running the whole gamut of emotions from A to Z; a human being who is subject to mistakes and imperfections and no one has the right to brand you or categorize you as a mental case simply because you lose your cool on your wedding day. Diamonds after all are formed under extreme temperatures and pressure.

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