Wedding Cake Trends

Gone are the days of white and tiered wedding cakes. Today cakes can be any color or shape the bridal couple desires. Many cakes today are works of art which integrate smoothly into the overall theme of a wedding. And, in addition to being showstoppers, they also have to be delicious.

Confused about what type of cake to purchase for your wedding? Take a look at the following six modern cake trends.

Today's Trends

  • Understated. These cakes are often decorated in a way that mimics fabric. Icing tends to be blush or silver. Icing may even be white with a simple pattern drawn with black piping.
  • Shapes. While most couples still opt for round cakes, there are other options such as square, hexagon or octagon. For an even more dramatic look, different layers can be different shapes.
  • Stacked. Once upon a time pillars separated cake layers. Today's cakes place layers on top of each other. Often flowers, fruits or berries will appear between layers adding visual interest.
  • Pastels. Wedding cakes now come in color, generally pastels like pink, blue and lavender. Today the trend is to have the cake coordinate with the bridesmaids' dresses not the bride's. Some cakes even feature two colors.
  • Flowers. Although sugar paste flowers are still popular, the trend is to decorate cakes with real flowers.
  • Flavors. Today's wedding cakes come in vibrate flavors as well as fruit flavors.

How to Order

With all the choices involved with today's wedding cakes, choosing a cake may sound like a daunting task, it doesn't have to be that way. Here are some tips to help when you make that trip to the bakery.

Generally, your cake should be ordered six months before the wedding. Be sure to have the approximate number of guests narrowed down before that. You'll also want to make sure you have your menu planned. Your baker will need both pieces of information to help you find the best cake for your wedding.

Before your appointment, look for inspiration. Take with you cake styles you like or even cake patterns you might like to see.

Do you know the terms " fondant" and "modeling chocolate"? Familiarize yourself with the types of materials used to make a cake. This will allow you to have a more educated conversation with your baker.

Pick a cake topper that shows your personality. After all, your cake is an extension of you and your partner's big day.

And, finally, have fun. Go to your appointment prepared to sample delicious cake.

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