Using Pinterest for Wedding Planning

In today's high tech, digital world couples are using the Internet to plan for and get ideas for their weddings. This can take several forms. It can be as simple as looking at vendors' websites for information you once had to call about, or it can be as involved as joining a wedding forum and setting up a profile for yourself.

Brides today have another option for their wedding planning. Gone are the days of looking through wedding magazines and tearing out pictures we liked. Instead we are in the brave new world of "pinning" our favorites to virtual Pinterest bulletin boards or, as Pinterest puts it, organizing and sharing all the beautiful things on the web. Once you've pinned your ideas, others can comment on what you've posted.

According to writer Kara Reinhardt, more than two-thirds of Pinterest users are women, many of whom are brides-to-be. She offers the follow advice for wedding planning with the help of Pinterest.

Using Pinterest for Wedding Planning

  • Brainstorming. Start early with your wedding planning and allow your Pinterest board help you create ideas. By downloading a special button to your web browser's toolbar, you can easily add ideas you like to your account. Don't have an account or have no desire to join? No problem. You can browse the Wedding & Events category and users' wedding boards without joining.
  • The More the Merrier. Invite your bridesmaids to join and start their own boards. Alternatively, instead of making their own boards, you can make them a contributor to yourself, allowing them to post their ideas on your board. You can also use their username in descriptions to be sure they take a look at pictures you'd like them to see.
  • Stay Organized. Keep all your information separate by starting separate boards for each aspect of the planning process. For example, one board could be for wedding gowns you like, while another could be your favorite flower arrangements.
  • Narrow It Down. Once you've been posting for a period of time, you should be able to use your boards to narrow down exactly what you merely like from what you plan to use. If you have a smartphone, you can access your account when you're talking to a vendor and show him exactly what you want.
  • Gift Registry. Use the opportunity to create an "I want it" board where you pin gifts you'd love to receive. Users can follow the link back to where they can purchase the product. In addition, you can add a link to your board to your wedding website. Non-Pinterest users will still be able to view your wish list.

Pinterest is invitation only. To join, ask a current user to invite you or request an invitation by going to

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